Devoir d’Anglais 1ere


           COMMON TEST

PART ONE : Reading (08 Pts)

the text that follows and do all the activities that fallow it

anglaisaTEXT :

Ivory Coast is a country with many touristic sites which are unfortunately neglected. Tourism is actually considered part of economic sectors but these sites are unexploited. I think this sector faces real problems to which we must propose solutions.

In Ivory Coast the population is really not interested in tourism. Visiting areas are not in their daily programs. Moreover inhabitants don’t take care of the touristic sites which are in their areas simply because they don’t see any importance. The government is only focused on some important touristic sites and don’t sensitize the population, schools, universities, local inhabitant to be interested. Thus, it is important to create some centers in each region and town to take care of the sites. Besides, we have to organize some attractive activities to allow people to visit the sites. This should start with our own population before the international tourists. We must also sensitize each school, universities and every institution to organize outings to visit the sites.

To sum up let’s say that Côte d’Ivoire has many fantastic sites we can benefit from. We can only succeed if we change mind.




The words in Column A are the text. Match each of them with its definition or synonym in Column B. Do like in the example : 3 – faces = meets.

Column A                                                                     Column B

1 – Unfortunately (L2)                                          a – Interested in

2 – Unexploited   (L3)                                           b – Permit

3 – faces            (L4)                                           c – in addition

4 – Take care     (L7)                                            d – enjoyable trips

5 – focused on   (L9)                                             e – unaccountably

6 – sensitize       (L10)                                          f – meets

7 – Besides        (L12)                                           g – wok after

8 – allow           (L13)                                            h – unluckily

9 – outings        (L16)                                            i – gave up

j – make aware

B/-Read the text again and decide whether the following statements are true or    false. Indicate the lines to justify your answer. Do like in the example: 1 True (L1)

1 – Ivory Coast is blessed with a lot of Touristic sites.

2 – Tourism is useless in the economic development of the country.

3 – More and more, Ivoirians are less interested in Tourism

4 – The government is interested in every touristic sites.

5 – Students don’t visit touristic sites.

6 – Ivory Coast doesn’t profit from its fantastic sites.

7 – Thinking otherwise brings about touristic sites carelessness.

8 – Each local authority looks after its touristic sites

9 – Only each region or area has to value its sites.



A/- Make correct sentences, by filling the gaps with the relative pronouns below as you read them.

That – which – who – where. Example: 1 – That

1 – We can find holiday packages 1 – that support the local community and its


2 – The vicious Peter’s dog ……..was wandering hear the beach, attacked two


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